The Tribar Kettlebell has a unique circular halo built into the base of the bell. This increases the versatility for functional training.

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Cast Iron, Black Powder Coated Tribar Kettlebell

Tribar kettlebells are made from Cast Iron and then painted with two layers of Powder Coating to protect the iron and improve the grip texture for kettlebell workouts. This Powder Coating option was chosen to offer optimum grip, durability and longevity throughout the range.

Handle Dimensions.

The Tribar Kettlebell handles are all the same 35mm diameter, with the same distance between the handle uprights (horns) and also the same distance between the handle and the bell throughout the whole range.

They are designed to have the same handle dimensions as traditional competition kettlebells. This design was chosen to provide a straighter more compact handle than many cast iron kettlebells on the market and makes them ideal for traditional kettlebell exercises and functional training.

Unique kettlebell base shape

The Tribar Kettlebell has a unique circular handle built into the base of the bell. This adds more versatile for functional training.

With the larger sized Tribar kettlebells over 12KG, this circular base handle provides enough space to reach into and to grip securely, whilst the second-hand remains on the main handle. For the smaller sizes including the 8kg kettlebell, this is instead gripped around the whole of the halo base rather than inside (do not put finger or thumb inside as they may get stuck). This extra handle offers a more secure two-handed hold for a larger number of exercises when compared to other kettlebell designs lacking this base handle.

The base handle also lowers the weight distribution by keeping weight lower. This provides more momentum for the kettlebell swing, taking the centre of gravity further away from the athlete, leading to more strength development from each swing.

A Stable base and platform are provided from this wider base design, when compared with other kettlebells, making it more secure for certain exercises.

Each Tribar kettlebell has the weight number and logo recessed into the front of the bell. This allows quick weight identification and prevents rubbing or catching of the hands or forearms often occurring with other kettlebells.

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8KG/17LB, 12KG/26LB, 16KG/35LB, 20KG/44LB, 24KG/53LB, Set of three 8, 16, and 24KG