10kg Dumbbell Plus+™ RAW STEEL edition


The DUMBBELL PLUS+™ is made for functional training, core Strengthening and aerobic conditioning.
Used for high repetition exercises and dynamic workouts. Hold the DUMBBELL+ with one or both hands, with the longer and thicker, 35mm bar providing secure holds for a large range of exercises.

Our RAW STEEL edition weights are made to be tough.
They are made by hand in the U.K. by welding hard forged steel balls to steel bars.
The forged steel balls we source are chosen for strength and hardness originally made to pulverise rock in the mining industry. They are built to last!
The balls do have natural surface imperfections, scars and marks. They will vary slightly in shape and weight. The raw surface is slightly rough, providing extra grip.
No two raw steel weights made with these balls will be identical due to the differences of each ball. This gives them real character and strength. They are heavy duty, made for purpose, will never wear out and will always serve the owner well. (Due to the raw steel finish, exposure to any moisture will cause darkening and potentially rust, but won’t effect their function)

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